Progress Made Since The Den!

Thank you for visiting our website, we intend to show the progress we have made since we taped the segment you may have seen on Dragons Den on CBC.

Just after we taped the segment in the Den the BETA Software was completed by the CDOT team at Seneca college in Toronto under grant from OCE and NSERC. Which allowed us to begin our Pilot on August 2015 with the Belleville Fire department and the Belleville Police Service and completed on Feb 29, 2016.

Both local agencies involved in the initial testing as well as the public motorists who downloaded the app a total of 3,000 times during the pilot, were very enthusiastic about our new app We were in the local media several times for things such as “Brakers Early Warning Systems INC. was recognized as the top international finalist for technology Start-up of the year 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.”

We worked out any bugs which were discovered during the initial testing, but we also added features such as a map for the motorist side to allow the deaf community to be alerted visually and automated the system for the responder side so that whenever they turn on the lights and sirens it will begin broadcasting the message without input from the Responder.

As mentioned our Pilot just ended on Feb 29th and we are excited to announce that the two agencies who were testing it have agreed to continue to use MiSyren going forward and the Quinte West Fire Department has now requested a quote as well. We continue to work with several large agencies across Ontario as we move toward our hard launch of July 1st.

We have been working with larger apps such as OnStar who has told us we are now on the product roadmap for their own App. This is encouraging as it is the first step into getting into all GM cars via the OnStar system.

We are also continuing to work towards the same goal with a navigation app called Waze (now owned by Google). You may recall the mention of them in the segment, they have a crowd sourced component letting drivers know when an officer is parked ahead, but that is the only thing it does. We are offering them the ability to inform their users about so much more, including other departments and when they are on route as well.

We participated in an accelerator called GrindSpaceXL in Kingston, ON. This program was offered in conjunction with Launch Lab, Queens University and Invest Ottawa. During the program and due to feedback from the public we decided to re-brand the app, we changed the name from B.R.A.K.E.R.S. to MiSyren as it seemed more intuitive and easier to find on the app stores.

We are very excited to have just received notice of allowance for our Canadian patent, to go with our US patent.

It has just been announced that MiSyren is a semi finalist in the Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge. The finalists will pitch at the SAE World Congress(Society of Automotive Engineers) in Detroit in April, 2016 to vie for the title and opportunity to win cash and assistance with the automotive suppliers and OEMs.

We also just finished exhibiting at the Toronto International Auto Show, where we received very good feedback and acceptance from the motorists, as well as pre-emptive downloads showing their interest in receiving the alerts from first responding agencies.

We are also very excited to have been selected to pitch to the Dragons and then to be aired right after our pilot is ending. We welcome any and all inquiries from the motorists regarding the function of the app and how it receives notifications, as well as from the police, fire and EMS Agencies as this is a universal problem for which we have a very feasible solution. If you are interested in speaking with us, please use the contact form on the website and we will be in touch with you shortly.

We would encourage as many people who visit this page to consider how it can not only allow motorists to yield more smoothly and quickly, but also will help those responders to get where they are needed sooner and save lives as a result.

If you see that MiSyren has merit, I would ask you to download this app right now using the links below so that we can show the departments that the public does want to help. Once you’ve done that please send my website ( to any first responder you know so they are aware of it and attempt to make this small start-up from Belleville Ontario an international success story.

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