“Combine the newest of technology and software to bring awareness to drivers regarding the approach of emergency responders from inside their vehicle. The goal is for the first responder to arrive to a call sooner as a result of providing advance notice allowing the driver to yield sooner.”

-Mission Statement

About MiSyren

Mr. Newman started designing MiSyren, formelly known as B.R.A.K.E.R.S (Broadcasting to Radios Ahead Keeps Emergency Responders Safe); a better way for emergency responders to warn you of their presence.

Mr. Newman has spent five years’ researching, programming, and collaborating with automakers. He has presented at the blue-line police show, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police show, United States National Highway Safety Committee and has been included in the APMA Connected Car and Technology Showcase.

Using suggestions and critical feedback from automakers, emergency responder representatives and motorists to improve MiSyren, Mr. Newman has transformed his idea into a working, cost effective solution.

Timothy Newman-CEO.

Newman started his career with the Canadian Armed Forces where he was trained as an electronics technician. He then moved into the public sector where he soon found his calling as a successful salesman offering products and services for companies such as Cogeco Cable and General Motors. Mr. Newman has said that his most valuable skill is problem solving, he feels that with this skill an entrepreneur will always find a way to succeed.

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