About MY Dragons Den Pitch!

After my Pitch on Dragons Den.

Here is the scoop after the pitch on March 2nd. Quite a few points were made by the Dragons, and even people on social media, regarding the pitch and value of the product. Some of these points were valid and others were not. I would like to make a couple comments to attempt to clear things up:

1. MiSyren is in fact a FREE app which is currently available on Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

2. The people who will benefit from this the most are the ones who have called 9-1-1! As a result of the Police, Fire and Ambulance agencies using MiSyren, these first responders will arrive in a safer and more efficient manner to assist those in need of help.

3. The people who will be paying for the service will be the Police, Fire and EMS agencies. They are the ones who respond to the emergency calls or work outside their vehicle alongside traffic travelling at highway speeds.

4. When considering the comments about real-time information, it should be known that MiSyren is better than real-time! Consider this, if you just had an accident and someone came up to you and said, “if I could have given you 30 seconds notice that you were going to have an accident, would you have been interested in hearing the info?” What would your answer have been? MiSyren gives you notice that within 30 seconds an emergency vehicle will be approaching you or is parked ahead on the shoulder of the road. This information, heard on your smartphone or through your Bluetooth, allows you to be aware and drive accordingly.

In the end it was my responsibility to have presented the information to the Dragons in such a way where they saw the business opportunity and I failed at that task. I don’t blame the Dragons in the least for not investing in my business.

I will close by offering this. As you will see on the page titled “Since the Den” on my website (www.misyren.com), there has been quite a number of changes not only to the technology, but also to the business since the segment taping in April 2015. In addition, I will be launching MiSyren country wide shortly in the hopes that all first response agencies will adopt the technology to ensure the safety and well-being of their members and citizens.

Tim Newman