Have you ever Pitched to the Dragons?

I have pitched to the Dragons from Dragons Den which airs on CBC Wednesday nights at 8 PM.

My segment which was taped last spring will be aired this coming Wednesday March 2nd at 8 PM on CBC.

I have been asked many times over the last while what happened and how I found the experience, so I figured I would Blog about it.

What happened:

I auditioned in Montreal last February and to be honest I didn’t think I had done enough to impress the Producers (who by the way are looking for ratings and will tell you as much). So when I got a call in March letting me know that I had been selected I was very surprised.

Once you have been selected you are assigned two things a producer and a pitch date. I was assigned a senior producer who’s name was Jane Chupick and my date was April 13th.

I then spent the next few weeks discussing with Jane how my pitch would go and ensuring I was brief enough to get the main points across before I was interrupted with questions by the Dragons, but also figuring out the best way to set the stage. I had many ideas, as I usually think outside the box, but Jane continued to reign me in and keep me focused on the task at hand.

How was the experience:

Once the day of the pitch arrived a I showed up at John Street in Toronto at my scheduled time and there was approx. 10 companies present at the same time getting ready to pitch. We were all in a staging area where we set up our tables and did a dry run of the pitch with our producers like Jane. Then we get a tour of the Den itself so we can see where we will be set up, where we would enter from and where we would need to stand for the camera.

Then you can start seeing everyone get nervous as they are practising for perhaps the largest investment opportunity they would experience. I think it is normal for people to get nervous, not because they are scared or intimidated (at least that wasn’t how I felt), but rather that I wanted to make sure I took full advantage of my opportunity.

I likened it to an actor getting ready to start the show and gets butterflies as an example.

In any case once you leave the Den, there you will find yet another camera and they want to get your reaction of what happened in the Den, can’t think of a better time to offer it either LOL.

To be honest it happened so fast (even though I was pitching for approx. 45 minutes) I had a hard time summarizing it so soon after the pitch.

Allow me to sum it up by saying this;

There was plenty of Drama and I leave with a huge smile on my face, but you will have to tune in on Wednesday to find out why.