Back from the Toronto International Auto Show!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who came by my booth, secondly I am very pleased to announce we received more than 1,500 downloads of our MiSyren App from people who were walking by and gave us a couple of minutes of their time to hear us out.

It is interesting to see people’s reactions when I tell them what our app does, most people either say it should be standard equipment, why hasn’t this happened yet. More often than not it is someone who tells me a story about when they saw someone who didn’t yield the right of way and how it made them feel, followed by imagine if the ambulance was going to help your loved one?

It confirmed two things for me, first that I am on the right path with regard to the solution I am offering and second that the public sees the need for this just as much as the police and paramedics.

While I was at the Auto Show I had the opportunity to speak with many members of the Ontario Provincial Police as their booth was right next to me, to see their reaction to how my MiSyren system works and how it is automated. This means that once they turn their lights on it automatically turns on our system and the broadcast starts.

I was also approached by many people who expressed interest in investing in our company, which I look forward to following up with in the near future.

Finally, this was the longest exhibit I have been a part of and while I was there open to close every day I would like to thank those who spent time with me at the show helping me explain to the visitors about the app and company.