We’ve reinvented the Siren.

with MiSyren you receive an audio alert from incoming emergency vehicles right on your phone or car stereo, hands free.

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How it Works

MiSyren activates when you’ve reached 30km/h and will silently run in the background of your smart device.

You will receive an audible alert inside your car through your phone or stereo system*.

With MiSyren, never be surprised again by emergency vehicles approaching from hidden intersections.

MiSyren has developed a system that enables first responders to broadcast a message from their vehicles directly to yours.

The app takes into consideration area of proximity, speed and direction of the responder in order to send an accurate warning message to your phone.

Get started now!

Download the MiSyren App

Turn on your location

Turn on your Bluetooth

Drive at 30km/h

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